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Middle Tennessee Irrigation Services

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Let Off Duty Outdoors LLC  help you keep your lawn lush and vibrant year-round with customized irrigation systems.

Keeping Your Lawn Healthy & Hydrated

It is easy for many homeowners and business owners to overlook the importance of a properly irrigated lawn. Off Duty Outdoors LLC  is here for you with our specialty irrigation services in Murfreesboro, Tennessee and the surrounding areas. We can help you select the best irrigation system for your property’s unique needs, saving you time and money, as well as resulting in a lucious, healthy lawn. Contact us today to get started!

newly installed residential irrigation system

Types Of Irrigation Systems

What Are The Benefits Of An Irrigation System?

There are numerous benefits of an irrigation system at your home or business. They are convenient, save you time and money, and they are environmentally friendly, just for starters. The full benefits of irrigation systems include:

Efficient water use

Irrigation systems are programmed to ensure the correct amounts of water right to your plants’ roots, ensuring no water is wasted.

Consistency and customizable

Irrigation systems provide a consistent and reliable watering scheduling, promoting the health of plants and optimal growth. These schedules can be customized based on plant type, soil type, weather, and other factors.

Time saving

Homeowners and business owners do not have to spend time manually watering their lawns with traditional sprinkler systems with an automated irrigation system.

Healthier plants

The correct amount of water on a consistent schedule promotes optimal plant health and reduces the risk of disease, overwatering, and underwatering.

Increased property value

 A well-maintained landscape, facilitated by an irrigation system, enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of a property. This can positively impact its market value and curb appeal.

Environmentally friendly

By optimizing water use and minimizing runoff, irrigation systems contribute to environmental sustainability. Using water efficiently helps protect local ecosystems and conserves this valuable resource. Irrigation systems also prevent erosion.

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