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Murfreesboro Outdoor Lighting Installation

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Illuminate your outdoor spaces with residential and commercial outdoor lighting installation from Off Duty Outdoors LLC.

Highlight your Property with outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting is a great way to highlight the architectural details of your home or business in a stunning way. Have you ever drove past home at night and seen a subtle glow of lights illuminating the residence? Not only does it create a captivating appearance but it also provides homeowners and guests with functional lighting. If outdoor lighting is something you’ve always been intrigued by, we’d love to help you incorporate it in a way that works best for your property.

house at night with beautiful outdoor lighting
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Outdoor Lighting Installation

There are numerous ways homeowners can incorporate stunning outdoor lighting for their homes. A common way is through the use of LED lighting that borders walkways and patio areas. These lighting features can also be positioned in various areas of your landscape and house to illuminate your home and florals in a soft glow. Another unique and upscale outdoor lighting option we offer is smart lighting systems which can be controlled by an app on your phone! Having lighting systems adds beauty, functionality and an increased sense of safety.

outdoor lighting in trees along driveway

Increased Curb Appeal & Security

Outdoor lighting adds an additional sense of security for both homeowners and business owners alike. When checking your mail or exploring your property at night, you’ll have an ample view of your surroundings. Plus, lighted homes are proven to deter intruders. For business owners, having optimal outdoor lighting is crucial, especially if your hours run later in the evening. Outdoor lighting allows your customers more comfort when navigating your commercial property and highlights your outward architecture.

  • Free Lighting Consultations
  • Night Time Demonstrations
  • 3D Rendered Designs
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Energy Efficient LED Systems
  • Save Up to 85% on Energy Cost
  • Smart Systems
  • Control Via App
  • We Service All Systems

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